Derek Jeter admits that Jennifer Lopez caused him to go to jail

Derek Jeter was only in the MLB for five seasons when he was already integrated and a media personality that allowed him to have friends like Jennifer Lopez and rapper “Buff Daddy.”

In fact, social relations with the famous Puerto Rican singer and his ex-partner almost cost the former New York Yankees captain’s life.

In fact, Derek Jeter admitted in ESPN’s “The Captain” documentary that turning down an invitation to a party with Jennifer Lopez and “B-DD” prevented him from going to jail in the middle of a regular season in 1999. .

“My friend Mike (Evans) got a message from ‘Buff Daddy’ inviting us to a party at a private club in New York, but I said to Mike, ‘What the hell, I’m going to sleep. I have a game. Tomorrow.’ Cooperstown Hall of Famer remembers.

As fate would have it, “DJ Yankee” didn’t go to jail, unlike “J-Lo” and “Daddy,” who were arrested for armed possession on the aforementioned night in the “Big Apple” at that nightclub. After three people were shot.

“We were lucky. My name would have been a part of this story,” admitted the star shortstop in the Bronx organization who won five World Series rings.

Despite that scandal, Jennifer Lopez and “Buff Daddy” went on to successfully pursue their artistic careers, but it remains to be seen whether Derek Jeter would have continued to shine among baseball’s elite.

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