Shocking videos circulating on networks

A strong earthquake was reported across the country at around 12:05 PM on Thursday. In Bogotá, warning sirens are heard in various parts of the city.

According to the Colombian Geological Service, the earthquake was in El Calvario, Meta. The earthquake measured 6.1 on the Richter scale, and the depth is less than 30 kilometers. Seconds later, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake was reported.

In videos circulating on social networks, shocking scenes of the strong movement felt by Colombians and the panic that some citizens went through were recorded. This is the moment when the whole city’s alarms go off, paralyzing the daily activities of the capital.

In the nation’s capital, many images on the city streets depict the movement of traffic lights and dangerous conditions in commercial businesses.

Shocking videos of restaurants and shopping centers are circulating through networks. Lights, kitchen utensils and tables shook as Bogotá experienced a strong tremor.

Power poles, power towers and other structures shook violently on Thursday afternoon, August 17.

People living on the top floors of the buildings recorded shocking videos from their homes and workplaces.

This video of a resident on the 22nd floor of a building captured the moment of trepidation, and the shocking images instantly went viral.

Immediately major cities began to evacuate, a scene seen on some of Bogotá’s streets.

The country’s streets were paralyzed as businesses, residential buildings and institutions were evacuated from their residents.

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