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One of the applications that never stops updating and showing new functions, without a doubt Share it. Now it not only allows users to join channels, but also create a more active community with your followers and keep them informed throughout the day. It also includes circular videos and a new option called “Passkeys”. What is it and why should I implement it?

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It should be noted that the app makes changes to improve the security of your conversations and this way, no other person or company can access your chats unless you give prior authorization. That’s why “Basques” or “Access Keys” were born.

What are “Passkeys” on WhatsApp and why should you enable them?

  • This setting is a new secure way to login to WhatsApp. That means after a long time after activation it will appear on the cell phone screen.
  • That way you can unlock your conversations with your FaceID, fingerprint, pattern or PIN.
  • It’s very similar when it comes to protecting your conversations from intruders, but the big difference is that you don’t decide when your cell phone should be blocked.
  • To enable “passkeys” or “passkeys”, you need to go to WhatsApp settings on your Android device.
  • Then go to Account and there you will find an option called “Basques”.
  • Once you’re logged in, you can choose how you want to protect your chats. Once you are done setting it up, open your WhatsApp with your choice.
  • No one can reopen your conversations without your permission.
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Access to conversations is blocked by the interface, for which you must enter the correct password. Check out the complete guide.

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