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Share it As you are already aware of the various fraud techniques they use to gain access to the information in your private or group conversations, continue to improve the security and privacy of your account.

Due to continuous updates, The above instant messaging service includes various layers of security, etc.: an authorization code to create a new account or connect to another cell phone; Two-step verification; Fingerprint unlocking; and access code.

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It is very difficult for someone to steal your account, especially now that WhatsApp has implemented a new security filter, as we speak. The ability to “sign in with your email” when you can’t get a verification code. We from Depor will teach you how to use this tool.

This is how you can activate and use the new WhatsApp security filter

  • Before starting, it is important to highlight that this is a feature that is still available in the beta version of WhatsApp.
  • To download it, go to Google Play Store and type the app name “WhatsApp” in the search bar > access the app and scroll down.
  • Here you will see the option Become a beta tester. If you can’t find it, click Next .
  • Accept the conditions and you have to wait for a while to start downloading WhatsApp beta.
  • Now, open the beta app > tap on your profile photo icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Account” section > “e-mail address”.
  • A window will appear to add your email > enter it and click “continuously”.
  • In the same email you will receive a six-digit code that you must add to the app (do not share with anyone).
  • Finally, click “Check”. That’s it, you can access your account by logging in with the address you entered when you changed your phone.
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5 Things to Stop Doing on WhatsApp to Strengthen Your Privacy

There are certain actions you don’t take into account that reveal your identity to third parties, so we explain what you should avoid doing.

  • Share your photo with everyone: Be careful not to reveal who you are to strangers to avoid unwanted exposure. To do this, go to WhatsApp settings and in the privacy section indicate that only your contacts can see your picture.
  • Show your positions to third parties: If you are one of those people who like to share your best experiences with your friends or family, you should plan so that only they can see your stories. To achieve this, go to the “Status” section and tap on the three dots, then select “Status Privacy” and select “My Contacts”. You can customize who can see that content.
  • Show your current information: One of the things you should avoid is showing your personal data to third parties, so tap on your profile photo, select “Info” in the “Privacy” section, and here you should select your contacts.
  • Enter your name: In the same WhatsApp settings, you can hide your name even from people you haven’t added to the app, you have the option to select selected contacts.
  • Allowing others to add you to groups without your permission: If you don’t know this information, you can go to the “Privacy” section in WhatsApp to prevent others from adding you to groups so that they can only add contacts you trust the most.
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