WhatsApp: Free up space on your mobile phone by removing calls and video calls from the app

WhatsApp Do social network Most used in the world with over four billion users sending messages daily. However, in certain situations they resort to calls or video calls to finalize a plan or even to close deals. There is no doubt that this app is everyone’s favorite because of its friendly interface and frequent updates that make communication even more assertive.

But sometimes, everything is not so rosy, as it is an application for instant messaging, calls and video calls, this creates many files. Cache data. Over time, this becomes a major problem, as it starts to consume much more memory space and slows down your phone.

If you do not delete a file Call history or video calls-Surely you have an extensive list in the application history. However, in order not to waste time deleting it manually, here I am sharing a step by step to speed up your mobile device and free up valuable space.

Step by step to delete WhatsApp calls and video calls

  1. It is important to WhatsApp It must be updated to the latest version, otherwise it will slow you down a bit more.
  2. To clear the call history, open WhatsApp And select the “Calls” tab. You will see a list of all your contacts with whom you have made audio and video calls.
  3. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select Clear Call History. With this step, you will free up space and improve the performance of the application.
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In this way, you can free up space on your mobile device and improve performance WhatsApp And making sure your experience is smoother. Share this trick with everyone you know and show them that doing regular app maintenance can be very beneficial for your cell phone.

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