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Peruvian singer Gian Marco Zignaco He returned to music with prominent salsa singer Ruben Blades on the critical release of “Aún me sigo encontrato”. The song is accompanied by a video clip in which the singer’s mother, Regina Alcover, appears.

Gian Marco’s new song with Panamanian translator Ruben Blades not only marks his return to Peruvian music, but also marks the first preview of the seventeenth album of his career.

Since its release on YouTube, the video clip has reached 10,000 views in its first six hours. As if that wasn’t enough, there are hundreds of comments celebrating the composition and the huge surprise of seeing Regina Algover in the audiovisual.

“I’m Still Finding Myself” premiered on August 25 on Gian Marco’s music platforms Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and more. This theme is the introductory letter of the next post content that the translator publishes.

Gian Marco, on the other hand, will be performing at Salaveri Military Circle in Peru on September 9, along with Fonseca and Diego Torres. Tickets are sold through Joinness.

Emotional message for Gianmarco after Juliana Molina’s emergency surgery

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