WhatsApp for iPhone now lets you send photos and videos in HD natively

iPhone users can always send photos and videos with better quality. ZACHARIE SCHEURER/DPA – File
WhatsApp for iPhone now lets you default to sending photos and videos in HD. This means users will always have the highest quality content they can send to their contacts without having to manually select the HD option. The site increased the length of videos and statuses to 60 seconds.

iOS users can set default HD option on their WhatsApp photos and videos like this:

This new feature is only implemented on iPhone. (App Store)

1. Open the app on your phone.

2. Go to 'Settings' and then 'Storage & Data'.

3. Define file upload quality.

If this new functionality isn't implemented, people will have to do it manually with every photo or video they send.

A photo or video in “HD” means it's in high definition.tion “HD” is an abbreviation of “High Definition” in English, which translates to high definition in Spanish. This means higher image resolution It offers sharper and more detailed viewing quality compared to standard definition (SD) images.

The exact definition of “HD” may vary depending on the context, but generally refers to a minimum resolution of 720 pixels vertically (HD ready), and may also include resolutions of 1080 pixels (Full HD) or 2160 pixels (Ultra HD or 4K). For high quality videos and photos.

You can use the HD pictures and videos option on both iPhone and Android. (illustrative image information)

WhatsApp has recently integrated several significant improvements to its video calling feature. Users now have the ability to make calls with multiple participants, share their screen with audio enabled, and highlight a keynote speaker during a video conference with multiple participants.

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Large number of participants

WhatsApp's latest update allows users to make video calls Up to 32 people can participate from any device. This means that it is now possible to organize video conferences with that number of people from both mobile devices and computers.

Share the screen

Recently, WhatsApp added a screen sharing feature to its video calls, where users can select the phone icon with an arrow in the video call menu. However, the audio displayed initially on the screen cannot be shared.

Now you can share screen on WhatsApp video calls. (share)

WhatsApp has announced that it has fixed the problem. Users can now share screen with audio during video calls. According to WhatsApp's parent company Meta, This feature is perfect for watching videos with othersThus allowing for a holistic and collaborative experience in video calls.

Special Speaker

WhatsApp has added a new feature, “Exclusive Speaker”, which lets users easily find out who is talking during a video call.

This feature brings the person speaking closer to the screen. This tool is specially designed to make communication more efficient and clear. In video conferences with multiple participants.

WhatsApp has improved the quality of its video calls with a new format. (share)

Within a video call, an important component for audio and video quality is called a codec. There are several types of codecs, and recently, Meta introduced MLow, which is designed to eliminate noise and echo interference in noisy environments.

WhatsApp has implemented MLow codec to improve audio clarity even on low connection or older devices. Besides, They ensure that video calls can be of high resolution if the user's connection allows.

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WhatsApp said: “We will continue to work tirelessly to improve audio and video quality so you can make clear calls wherever you are.”

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