Sleeping before 1 a.m. improves mental health

06/22/2024 at 1:42 pm


In Spain, it was always special Time difference for lunch and dinner compared to our European neighbors. In addition to cultural influence, daylight hours set the pace of our lives, causing us to eat dinner an hour or two away from other countries. This event has the consequence that we generally sleep later.

This habit can have negative consequences for the body. According to a study he conducted Stanford University, People who sleep later are more likely to suffer from psychological disorders. It was found in his research that Natural sleep cycle It affects the psychological health of the individual.

In this way, biological temporal preferences in mental health are more favorable for early sleepers. “Staying up late at night carries psychological risks.”says the Zeiztzer Laboratory for Circadian Research, referring to different biological clocks. The results showed that to achieve good aging, you need to sleep before one o'clock at night.

The research collected data from 74,000 adults and older people in the UK. The purpose of the study was to analyze the effect of chronotype and hours of “real sleep” on mental health. Thus, it was possible to study the relationship of both factors with psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorder.

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