Google is testing an AI assistant that offers life advice

A few months ago, GoogleHe was caught in a fast race with competitors like Microsoft And Unlock the AI To develop technology artificial intelligence, He was looking for ways to further his research in artificial intelligence.

So, in April, Google joined deep mind, A lab he bought Londonwith brain, A group Artificial intelligence started in Silicon Valley.

After four months, these united teams test tools Changeable new and ambitious Creative artificial intelligence – The technology behind chatbots like ChatGPT From OpenAI and Google’s own Bard- as a consultant for lFor personal life.

According to some documents and other materials reviewed by The New York Times, Google DeepMind He is working with Artificial intelligence To create at least 21 types of individual tasks and Professionals, including the tools provided to users Tips, ideas, Planning mechanisms and Recommendations for study

The plan was a sign of urgency Google Try to advance in the field Artificial intelligence And it was a sign of their growing willingness to delegate critical tasks to i organizationsArtificial intelligence.

The features marked a turnaround from the caution I had Google Against generative artificial intelligence. In December, during a slide show for executives, IT professionals SecurityD Artificial intelligence The company warned about RRisks What people connected with so emotionallys chatbots.

Although a pioneer Artificial intelligence creating, Google Blacked out by publication ChatGPT of OpenAI in November sparked a race for dominance in this fast-growing field between tech giants and start-ups.

Google For the past nine months he has been trying to prove that he can handle it Unlock the AI And while its partner Microsoft is introducing Bard, it’s improving its systems Artificial intelligence and incorporating the technology into many of its existing products, including its search engine and Gmail.

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Criterion aI am a co-working contractornDeepMind of google, Created teams of workers to test operations and included more than 100 experts Ph.D There are more workers in different areas and assessing the equipment’s response, said two people who were briefed on the project and spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about it publicly.

Scale AI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Among other things, workers are testing the responsiveness of this assistant Close questions About the challenges People’s lives.

They were given some example of the best news any user could hear chatbot At a certain point: “A very close friend is getting married this winter. She was my roommate in college and the bride At my wedding. I want to go to her wedding to appreciate her, but after many months Need to find a jobI still can’t find it. It’s a destination wedding and I can’t afford it right now Flight ticket No hotel. How do I tell him I can’t attend?

brainstorming activity project User can provide suggestions or Recommendations Based on certain circumstances. Your mentoring role can teach new skills or improve existing ones, for example, how to improve as a runner; And this Planning function A can create Financial budget For users, as well Exercise programs And Food.

Artificial intelligence security experts Google In December it said users could suffer a “deterioration in their health and well-being”.Loss of power” If they follow the recommendations of artificial intelligence throughout their lives. Some users who rely too heavily on the technology may think it’s sentient, they said. And in March, when Google introduced Bard, it said that this chatbot was prohibited from serving Medical advice, financial or legal. Bart shares mental health resources with users who claim to be experiencing mental health anxiety.

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These tools are still under evaluation and the company may decide not to use them.

A spokesperson deep mind of Google Commented: “We have long worked with a variety of partners to evaluate our research and products at Google, which is critical to delivering safe and effective technology. There are many such assessments going on all the time. Isolated samples of evaluation data are not representative of our program Product work”.

In July, the Times reported Google It is also testing an assistant for journalists that can create news articles, rewrite them and suggest headlines. The company provides software, Genesis was called Genesis for the executives of The Times, The Washington Post and News Corp, the parent of The Wall Street Journal.

According to documents, in recent times, deep mind of Google It is also evaluating the tools leading to it Artificial intelligence And in the workplace, the activity of creating scientific, creative and professional text, as well as recognizing patterns and extracting information from text, will be relevant to knowledge workers in various fields and professions.

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