Cuba pays one hundred thousand pesos to attend the Cayo Santa Maria festival and traffic fails

A Cuban criticized the transport system for failing to attend Santa Maria Music FestivalAfter paying 100,000 pesos for a tour package at the resort of Villa Clara province.

“It was pretty ugly, the beginning Cayo Santa Maria Festival, no transport facility. I thought everything would be fine and buses would come depending on the number of people who paid for the package. “I paid 100,000 Cuban pesos and I didn’t appear on the passenger list for paying it,” he denounced in a video. Facebook The digital creator was identified as Vámonos Con Juanka.

He explained that those who attended the festival and received the package were summoned from 7:00 am onwards. At Villa Panamericana, after several hours only one bus arrived to pick up the first group of people, and the rest waited angrily for another transport.

“Seven hours waiting for transportation. I’m ashamed that we still haven’t been able to host a massive event with quality for Cubans, not as a walk-up, but for those who can still pay with discounts and concessions,” he said.

within it CommentAll could have been avoided if the number of participants had been restricted depending on the collection points.

Apparently, according to his hypothesis, the information of the tourist agencies did not reach the database in time, “despite having millions of pesos on their side, they do not know how many people will be transported.”

His bus reportedly arrived around 2:00 p.m.

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