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Samsung has introduced the new S21 range, which includes three new flagships: the S20, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. At first glance, Samsung relied on the evolution of the S20 range, but also relied on the addition of new features that users expected. Let’s see how the Samsung S21 compares with the S20 based on the specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 Design

As we have seen in the pictures presented at the Galaxy Unopened event, the Samsung Galaxy S21 does not bring a redesign of the Galaxy S20, there are differences that can only be seen in the design of the camera module. The Samsung S21 had a “glass” back, a glass-like plastic, while the S20 had a glass back. This “glass” is a very accessible material, but it is very durable and has a better grip on the hand.

Both the new and old Samsung phones come with a USB-C port, on / off buttons and side buttons, but they do not have a headphone jack.

The Samsung S20 is available in 3 colors: Blue, Pink and Gray, while the Samsung S21 comes in 4 colors: Gray, Purple, Pink and White.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 Display

Samsung is known for its spectacular displays of phones, and the S21 is no exception. However, there are some differences from the S20. First, both phones have a 6.2-inch display, punch hole for the front camera, 120 Hz high refresh rate, HDR 10+ and fingerprint scanner.

The difference is in the resolution: The Samsung Galaxy S20 has 1440 x 3200p or quad HD resolution, while the Samsung Galaxy S21 has 1080 x 2400p or full HD + lower resolution. However, the user experience was not affected, thanks to the fact that the S20 could not use QHD resolution and high refresh rate of 120 Hz at the same time.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20 Camera Photo

In terms of specifications, both phones seem to have identical cameras: 12MP main sensor, 64MP rear camera. Telephoto sensor and 12 MP Ultra-white sensor, as well as a 10 MP front camera.

The differences are provided by their software compared to the cameras coming from the S20 and S21. The Samsung S21 brings some updates, especially for video recording. For example, the new director’s view feature allows you to see the perspectives you have on video on all cameras, so you can switch cameras between them to get the best results. Volker’s view allows you to shoot simultaneously with the front and rear camera.

The single tag option on the S20 has been improved in terms of stability, especially in the case of slow motion clips.

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