The United States did not block Tic Tac Toe’s application after the deadline set for the Chinese company

The U.S. government decided not to extend the deadline for the sale of the U.S. division of Dictok, but did not block the application because it threatened.

The US campaign against Dictok, which seemed like President Trump’s ambition, has been going on without success for months. The Chinese service was asked to choose between selling the US division or being blocked in the country.

The Trump administration has set a deadline so that Dictoc can be sold to an American company. The first deadline has passed and has been extended. Other deadlines came and they were extended.

December 4 is the deadline to sell or block Dictoc in the United States, but it has not happened. This time, the deadline was not extended.

However, negotiations between government officials and Diktok representatives continue indefinitely.

President-elect Joe Biden will officially begin his term on January 20, and the current administration is trying to impose its vision on the Dictok case over the past hundred meters.

If this does not happen, then the future of dictatorship in the United States will be decided by the future administration, which does not seem to have the same purpose. After Donald Trump left the White House, the Chinese social network may continue to operate in the United States, but only with certain conditions.

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