What will happen to your WhatsApp if you do not accept the new policy on May 15th

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January 2021 created a huge controversy about the first days Share, Because it announced that its new privacy policy would take effect on February 8, which created a lot of noise from its users, to that extent Many decided to settle for Telegram The application decided to postpone further change.

All this because the rumor started to spread it New WhatsApp policies, The application can access your conversations, completely wrong situation.

However, as the days go by, once the water calms down, Share That in detail They do not have access to user chats, So they can keep their privacy intact; However, they will share the following information with some companies.

  • Battery charge of your mobile.
  • phone number.
  • Internet service provider.
  • Signal strength.
  • Hardware model.
  • Operating system.
  • IP address.

What if I do not accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy on May 15?

Users who decide not to accept’s new privacy policies Share, Because they can be active in use, they will not see the suspended account less. However, The application will display a reminder Will constantly change over time, and they will limit accessible functions.

The application is explained on its blog They “will not have access to all WhatsApp functions until they accept it”. Users can receive calls and notifications, but they cannot read or send messages from the app.

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