Irrawaddy reveals ambitious expansion plan with Premier Group

He is one of the strongest men in Mexican football, holding his hair Arlegi Group, Which is in the first section Santos Laguna Since 2013 and Atlas From 2019, But projects Alejandro Erragori Went further and revealed it Your goal is to join a Premier League club.

The Scottish Celtic Is already a part of Game Synergy According to a strong club, they share “but many values ​​and commands” colors with the Dorian Warriors Arlegi, But to go to the next level Refers to England or Spain, Where the two most powerful leagues on the planet.

Can we go back to the Spanish league? Yes, continue. Are we doing it in the Premier League? Of courseWith that in mind, let’s see how everything goes in the future. There are many good examples of owners with multiple clubs, but I think we do not see the real purpose of a sports synergy, “Irrawaddy told the British media. Sky Sports.

‘There are many more profitable businesses than football’

Yes OK Football moves billions of dollars Many zeros each year worldwide and in Mexico – supported by millions of people in the United States -, “This is not a good business,” Irrawaddy insists As is believed, but he is involved because of the social event that marks the ball.

“Football cannot escape its origins, the responsibility it holds with the community, its heart is in your hands. The only reason I am in football is because it is not the best businesses, but the best way to change communities and the lives of those people. There are more profitable and easier businesses, but many do not allow you to make someone’s life better like football, ”he said.

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Santos most successful team in Mexico: Irragori

10 years ago, Erragori served as Gropo Modello’s vice president of sports And President of the Santos Laguna Council. He worked at Corporate for seven years, and in mid-2012 he learned the news Model sale to Belgian ABInBev He also knew that the new owners would sell the football team.

It was August 2013 with Grubo Arlegi A few months ago he looked for potential partners, persuaded sponsors and borrowed- Received Santos Laguna and DSM management.

“Probably We are the most successful team on and off the field in Mexico. What do I say? Game results on the field and the sale of players are often opposed, “said Danish Martin Hollander, head of finance. Arlegi Group.

If you look at the results of the last 15 years, we are the second most capped club in Mexico, having played in more finals., We add seventh or eighth place in income and salary, which is the level of performance we always strive to achieve, ”Iraragori said.

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