What is NASA doing to preserve the planet?

NASA doesn’t just care about outer space: that’s what the agency does for our planet every day.

When we think of different NASA The agency’s space missions. The Artemis I mission and the multiple discoveries of perseverance on Mars are making headlines around the world. However, the agency also Contributes to understanding our planet and its futureas explained by Dr. Erica Budest, specialist in the carbon cycle in the enterprise. Under Earth Day, here’s what he shared with us on the subject.

Study the Earth from space

Presented by: NASA

Although many scientists who work for NASA have their eyes set on the stars, Panamanian scientist Erica Budest explains that the agency does. Great efforts to observe the Earth from space. His interest in preserving the environment began in Panama, his native land The region’s exceptional biodiversity.

I always dreamed of getting a job Dedicated to applying the latest technology to better understand our planet«, the specialist participates in an exclusive interview with National Geographic in Spanish. Currently, he is engaged in Using satellite images to study ecosystems The Earth and its changes from the climate crisis:

“Since its inception, NASA has focused heavily on planet Earth,” confirms Budest. “To study the planet, we have instruments on the International Space Station to measure and monitor the various components of the atmosphere, oceans, continents, ice…”

NASA is responsible for studying these terrestrial elements day in and day out, to understand how they are related and What is the effect human activity Including. In addition to NASA collecting this data over time,We are witnessing all the symptoms of the climate crisis on this planetThe expert explains.

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blanket covering the planet

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Budst describes carbon dioxide as “blanket covering our planet«. The more combustion is generated to produce energy, the expert adds, “the thicker this plate gets.” This measurement helps to understand how greenhouse gases are making the Earth hotter and hotter. Not just because it is atmospheric corrosionbut because fossil fuel consumption does not seem to be giving up worldwide.

In the context of Earth Day, it is worth noting that NASA’s work also helps monitor these developments in the climate crisis. Not only to see them in real time, but To find out what to do with them for the time being:

«[La NASA contribuye] To the weather monitoring forces of a satellite instrument whose primary task is to measure the height of ice sheets and sea ice on Earth,” the agency explained in a statement. release.

In this regard, Budest explains that these images help demonstrate how “we are seeing an increase in sea level, and Generally more extreme events«. Constantly increasing floods, heat waves, droughts, and increasingly violent changes in the environment can be explained in this way, just as it is possible Measuring the havoc they leave on terrestrial ecosystems.

“For people who want to reduce their impact on the planet,” Budest says of Earth Day,The best thing is to start educating yourself«. NASA has interactive resources to get you started in understanding where the crisis is coming from and how we can solve it. However, this change cannot be made without «Review our habits and their impact‘ concludes the specialist.

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