Sweden denounces the violation of its airspace by a Russian fighter plane – El Diario

The government of Sweden reported that a Russian fighter jet violated its airspace for a few minutes before turning around without the pilot initially heeding warnings from aircraft deployed to intercept it.
Swedish Air Force Commander Jonas Wickman confirmed that the Russian plane, identified as a Su-24, entered “five kilometers into Swedish airspace for two minutes” east of the island of Gotland, in southern Sweden. nation.
The soldier adds: “Due to the failure to respond to the first warnings and because the plane did not deviate from its course, it was expelled from Swedish airspace by two JAS-39 Gripen aircraft,” after verifying the matter.
“This behavior is unacceptable, regardless of whether it was intentional or not. Wickman said in statements reported by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet: “This shows a lack of respect for the integrity of our lands.”
Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström also announced that his ministry would contact the Russian embassy in Sweden to inform the ambassador of its dissatisfaction with this incident, which is the first violation of Swedish airspace since 2022, when four Russian fighter planes flew over Jutland.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the matter. (Europe Press)

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