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Long-distance relationship With This does not seem to be an obstacle for the couple to be very happy. This is often demonstrated by their posts, comments and stories on Instagram. If we take into account that maintaining the flame of a relationship and taking care of its details is usually complicated without the partner, it is an achievement. The Mexican influencer and Iberian dancer is a factor that has been successfully overcome.

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Tony Costa has severed ties with Puerto Rican In mid-2021 – 10 years later, as a couple, he confirmed in February this year that he was in love with Evelyn Beltron, an influential 11-year-old younger than 38, with a daughter as a result of that love. -Old Valencian artist.However, age difference and having children from previous relationships with each other is not a barrier to love flourishing.

Costa currently resides in Miami, Florida, where he lives with Adamari Lopez and his 7-year-old daughter Alaya; While Beldron lives in Austin Texas with his 5-year-old son Timothy, he has a son with his ex-spouse. . However, that mile did not seem to be a problem for them.

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The couple meet on weekends to see each other as they live in different cities in the United States (Photo: Tony Costa / Instagram)

Evelyn Beltron and Tony Costa talk about their remote court

In early April, the couple gave an interview to journalist Mandy Friedman from the La Opinion newspaper, in which they both revealed how they keep the flame of love alive and how they care about their love despite the distance.

“I always say to Tony: ‘Maybe I’m not on the side, but if you need me, I’ll be on the plane, I’ll be there in 3 hours’, just like him”Mexican explained. If you find yourself maintaining a long-distance relationship over time, the influencer insisted.

“The future will tell, I do not even think of meeting him. I say we see each other every day or have to be together every weekend: ‘It’s like my birthday.’ Because every time we enjoy it to the fullest, we go out, walk, everything is so beautiful, fate does what it wantsCommented.

For its part, Revealed that “We have experienced very serious things, we have traveled, we have shared a lot. I think it all helped us to realize that we can have a good relationship. They came out very naturally, not forced.”Mira Queen Pila shared the star.

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Evelyn Feltrin’s reaction to Tony Costa’s kisses from a distance

On Wednesday night, April 20, the dynamics of the distance between them became clear. Through a story on Instagram, Tony Costa sent a kiss Marking with cardiac emoticon.

“How can I not love you, even if we are far away, I am always with you”The 27-year-old Mexican wrote and added the label #MeEncantaMiNovio.

Couples usually show affection through their Instagram stories (Photo: Evelyn Beltron / Instagram; Tony Costa / Instagram)
Couples usually show affection through their Instagram stories (Photo: Evelyn Beltron / Instagram; Tony Costa / Instagram)
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