What is myoskinesia, a psychological disorder that affects more and more people

Some people prefer not to interact with others because of myoskinesia (reference image).

There is a new psychological syndrome on the radar of researchers, which came to light for a study, the first such question Stressful emotions trigger when you look at others or are nervous.

Named Includes myosinosis and nausea caused by being around a restless person. It can affect one in three people worldwide, according to experts behind the more common phenomenon and study than is believed.

Myoskinesia means “I hate movements”Moreover, it is a phenomenon that is not much studied by scientists, but it is a closely related condition, identified during research on mesoponia: a disorder that irritates people when they hear certain sounds.

Myoskinesia is somewhat similar, but the researchers say that the stimuli are generally more visual than those associated with sound.

“[Misokinesia] It is defined as a strong negative impact or emotional substitution to see another person’s small and repetitive movements, i.e. to see someone move without stopping with one hand or one foot ”,” he said. PhD in Psychology says in a study led by Sumeet Jaswal of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada

To improve our understanding of this topic with little reading, Jawal and his fellow researchers conducted what they say “The first in-depth scientific study” Myoskinesia and increased sensitivity to the results indicate that it is something that a large number of people have to deal with.

Through a series of experiments with more than 4,100 participants, the researchers measured the prevalence of myosinosis in college students and the general population, assessed the effects on them, and explored why emotions may be expressed.

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“We found that approximately one-third of patients reported some sensitivity to misogyny to the persistent and restless behaviors of others they encounter in their daily lives.” The researchers explain.

Anxious people may feel very embarrassed when they see how others are behaving as well as reacting.  Via: Colprenza
Anxious people may feel very embarrassed when they see how others are behaving as well as reacting. Via: Colprenza

“These results support the conclusion that sensitivity to mycogenesis is not a phenomenon confined to the medical population, but rather a fundamental and hitherto unrecognized social challenge, shared by many in the general population.”They add.

According to the analysis, myoskinesia sometimes accompanies the sound sensitivity of misophonia, but not always. This phenomenon varies considerably among people, with some only reporting a low sensitivity to restless stimuli, while others are severely affected.

“They are emotionally affected in a negative way and experience reactions such as anger, anxiety or frustration, as well as reduced enjoyment of social situations, work environments and learning.”UPC psychologist Todd Handy explains.

“Some people do less social activities due to ill health”, Highlighted

Handy began exploring Mycogenesis after a couple told him he was nervous.

“As a visual cognitive neuroscientist, it really sparked my interest in finding out what’s going on in the brain.”, Dice Handy.

So the million dollar question still remains: Why is it so annoying that we are restless?

In the study, the researchers conducted experiments to determine if people’s myoskinesia is caused by increased visual-attention sensitivity, which is equivalent to the inability to prevent distraction events from occurring around their visual perimeter.

The cause of myoskinesia is not known, but it may be related to another disorder that rejects us for certain types of sounds.  (Reference image)
It is not known what causes myoskinesia, but it may be related to another disorder that rejects us for certain types of sounds. (Reference image)

Based on initial experiments the results are infinite on that front, and there is no conclusive evidence that researchers’ reflective visual focus mechanisms contribute significantly to mycinosis sensitivity.

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As we explore where mycenesis may come from at the cognitive level, there are some imaginary clues that researchers want to pursue in future research, other than that it is somewhat annoying for Pidget people.

“One possibility we want to explore is that their ‘glass neurons’ are playing”, Says Jaswal. “These neurons shoot when we move, but they shoot when we see others moving. For example, when you see someone being injured, you can overcome the pain because your pain is also reflected in your brain.”.

Through expansion, people with myosinosis may unknowingly empathize with the psychology of the restless. And not in a good way.

“One of the reasons people are restless is because they are anxious or nervous, and when people with myosinosis see someone restless, they can react to it and feel anxious or nervous.”, Explica Jaswal.

Only a further investigation of this event can confirm what really is happening here in Michigania.

However, one thing is for sure. From the results found here, it is clear that this extraordinary phenomenon is much more common than we think.

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