Earthquake Level 2 Geomagnetic Storm Warning in # 2Sep

NASA denies global blackout due to solar storm on Earth – Photo: AB

The United States National Space Weather Service (SWPC) announced three days ago that a geomagnetic storm would be emitted on September 2. How the Colombian press reconsidered this Week

The announcement coincides with a study by Dmitry Vibe, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and head of the Department of Evolution of Physics and Stars at the Russian Astronomical Institute earlier this year, where he predicted that the Earth would experience a series of geomagnetic storms of varying intensity that could become a daily occurrence after this time.

A geomagnetic storm is created by the sun. According to the expert, the star emits a mass discharge from its surface. This is a phenomenon that usually occurs on its surface, however, the difference this time is that the ejection is towards the Earth.

This means that a significant excess of solar wind load began to reach Earth from the first of September and this Thursday, September 2, it will reach level 2.

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