How to know if WhatsApp is using your phone’s camera and microphone without your permission?

With the digital era and the almost blind use of technology, with the monthly updates and million dollar sales of multiple brands of apps and mobile phones like iPhone or Samsung, you need to be very careful about the safety and security of your data. There is a kind of “spy” in our homes that we take with us everywhere.

A well-known mobile messaging application like WhatsApp uses your phone’s camera and microphone without your knowledge. If in doubt, it is better to check whether this is happening or not, as this is a brief check in which you do not waste any time. Same can be done on Android like iPhone.

By using the internal tools of our cell phones, we will determine whether you have inadvertently granted access permissions to certain applications, such as WhatsApp, to use your camera or microphone.

Is WhatsApp spying on your iPhone or Android?

By For example, on Android, which is mostly in Cuba, you have to enter the phone settings, where you access the security and privacy section. There you continue to the privacy panel and here you can see what permissions have been applied in the past hours by clicking on the camera or microphone.

There you’ll see a list of apps that used the camera or microphone, and at what time they did so. So, if you see something strange during the hours when you are not using WhatsApp, you can check if it is a “spy”.

For iPhone, enter the “Privacy and Security” settings, which has an open hand symbol. Once there, access the app’s privacy statement. There you need to enter the WhatsApp icon. By pressing the camera or microphone option you will see the data and the time it was used.

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