The United States and Macedon have reached an agreement to replace Nicolas Benedetti

Carlos Davila Osorio

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Despite the competition Opening 2021 This is already half the controversy, and there are many more movements in the MX League, however, no doubt Eagles USA Often have ups and downs Nicholas Bentetti Departed first Macadlon Port.

It was him though “Poet” He revealed the situation a few days ago, dressed in yellow and blue and asked for one last chance, all indicating that his future will be with the newly formed team of the first division, instead occupied Monarchos Morelia.

As announced by the journalist Juan Manuel Capada, There is already agreement between the two guidelines for debt repayment ’14’, However, he did not take it too seriously because his preference was to be part of the most important team in the country.

With this, the possibilities for Benedetti to act at the classic friendly classic show this weekend are exhausted because he is so “weak” in muscle problems that he could risk going to Mazatlan, so it is almost impossible for us to see it in action at last.

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