What is iOS 17 Adaptive Audio and how to install it?

This feature is enabled for AirPods Pro 2nd generation with firmware version 6A300 or later. (Photo: El Español)

The updated operating system of Manjana, iOS 17It was officially launched a few days ago and with it came new features like Adaptive Audio that promises to improve the user experience of AirPods.

This new tool allows you to control the volume of hearing aids according to the user’s environment. It is a hybrid between Noise cancellation And Ambient soundIt is used in cases where neither of those two options are convenient.

For example, in the office, noise-cancelling headphones are often used to focus on tasks. However, when a colleague suddenly starts talking, the only way to hear them is to remove at least one of the headphones.

When this feature is activated, the headphones can detect when someone is talking to you or another person and automatically adjust the settings to allow you to hear the conversation. When it detects that the conversation is over, the headphones turn noise cancellation back on.

iOS 17 launched this week. (Unsplash)

First, to enjoy this feature, you must have iOS 17 installed on your iPhone device. Next, make sure the AirPods are connected to the phone and in use.

To proceed with the installation of iOS 17, follow these steps:

1. Go to structure

2. Scroll down and tap General

3. Click Next Software upgrade

4. You should see a notification iOS 17 It is available to download and install.

5. Touch Download and install One Install now

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6. User must enter their password And accept it Terms and Conditions.

7. Depending on your internet connection, the download and installation may take some time.

8. After the update is complete, you’ll see a welcome screen and some suggestions for setting up your iPhone to take advantage of the new features in iOS 17.

iPhone models compatible with iOS 17. (apple)

Once this is done, proceed to the next step Control Center And press and hold the volume section corresponding to the AirPods for a few seconds.

Next, three options will be displayed: Noise Control, Dialog Detection and Stereo Spatialize. You need to select the noise control and then four options will be presented, among them is the adaptive audio function.

This option applies AirPods Pro 2nd generation Firmware version 6A300 or later.

Other new functions that iOS17 brings for hearing aids Manjana, activating or deactivating the microphone during a call by pressing the long side of the AirPods or the Digital Crown on AirPods Max. It is AirPods 3rd generation, AirPods Pro 1st and 2nd generation or AirPods Max Firmware version 6A300 or later.

As for music playback, users who use SharePlay while driving can now control Apple Music with everyone they’re traveling with, making it easy to choose and listen to songs.

Likewise, smooth transitions were introduced to make the music never stop by lowering the volume of the final song while gradually introducing the opening song.

The new iPhone update allows you to add functions to improve the quality of life of users. (Manjana)

Remember to avoid updating iOS A iPhone Due to space limitations or simply carelessness, this has ramifications that seem insignificant at first, but turn into problems over time.

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Failed to update all devices Manjana Recent versions may create incompatibility issues between applications and services. An example of this is syncing notes or reminders iCloudIt depends on whether the cell phone has the latest version or not iOS. If the update is not done, the user will not be able to access his notes on other devices.

Of course, one of the most important aspects is security. Manjana Implements updates to protect against emerging security vulnerabilities and threats from time to time.

If older versions persist, users will be unprotected against malware attacks. Fishing and other types Malware. Not to mention the latest developments in both software and hardware. Manjana.

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