Russia sends Vladimir Kara-Murza to Siberian prison – DW – 09/25/2023

Russian enemy Vladimir Kara-MurzaCharged with “treason” and sentenced to 25 years in prison for condemning attacks against Moscow UkraineHe arrived at the Omsk high-security penal colony in Siberia to serve his sentence, his lawyer said on Sunday (09/24/2023).

Considered one of the main opponents Vladimir PutinKara-Murza, a dual Russian and British citizen, was handed an unprecedented sentence in April, prompting international leaders and supporters to call for his release. The opponent was found guilty in a closed-door trial of spreading “false information” about the military and having links with an “undesirable organization”. Russia.

“Vladimir Kara-Murza was transferred to the maximum security penal colony IK-6 in Omsk to serve his sentence,” said his lawyer Vadim Prokhorov. Facebook.

Omsk is about 2,700 kilometers east of Moscow. The Russian penal system routinely takes weeks to transfer prisoners to the country’s most remote prisons, and the whereabouts of a prisoner in transit are often unknown, stopping at several prisons along the way.

“The journey from Moscow to Omsk in the 21st century lasted no less than three weeks,” Prokhorov said ironically, having spent “several days” in an isolated cell in the city of Samara in the center of the country.

The lawyer warned that keeping Kara-Murza, 42, in these types of cells would endanger her fragile health. The victim’s lawyers and family say he suffers from a nerve disease called polyneuropathy as a result of the two poisoning attempts.

ama (afp, efe, ap)

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