24 co-workers won the lottery with the same ticket, and now they’ll split the $5.1 million prize

A team of 24 Burnaby colleagues won the $7 million CAD prize ($5.1 million USD), which is considered the largest group prize ever awarded at the provincial lottery’s Vancouver office.

A group of workers led by Iliana Petrovici won a $1,000 lifetime jackpot in the daily Grand Lottery game draw.

However, instead of receiving daily payments, they chose to receive the entire amount at once, which is the equivalent of $7 million Canadian dollars ($5.1 million US dollars).

Each worker will receive $291,666.67 (US$215,410.42).)

According to Petrovici, the group participates in all the lottery games offered in the province, however, they never thought they would actually win a jackpot.

In addition, Petrovici said that during the night, she checked the tickets, realized that they had won and was so excited that she was shaking with emotion and had to ask her husband to check them twice.

“It’s 10:30 p.m., it’s late, but I still called some of the group,” Petrovici said, according to I Heart Radio.

After receiving the prize, The group plans to use the money to buy new cars, plan vacations, and renovate the houseAs well as arranging lunch for the entire company.

The winning ticket was purchased at a Save-on-Foods store on Marine Way in Burnaby.

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