Which team will be relegated according to statistics? So do Honduras Progreso against Modagua and Real Sociedad against Marathon.


last day Final 2023, Who will be relegated to the second division of Honduras can be defined there.

Honduras Progress and Real Sociedad They have tough obligations against two big clubs. Modagua and Marathonrespectively, and the last card is played.

But what do the statistics say? How was it? Honduras progress In view Motagua Already Real community When faced with Marathon?

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In the accumulated table, Progreso is last with 25 points, one less than Tokoa with 26 points. According to statistics, Honduras progress This will be the relegated team, but beware, these are just statistics.

Series ahead of its competitors

Historical series between Honduras progress facing Motagua In Humberto Micheletti follows: 16 games in total, where Motagua 10 and won Honduras He won only three times. The other three matches ended in draws.

This ensures that the most common result is a win for the blue team and it sends Honduras progress As they are forced to win, they are waiting for the visitors from Togo to stumble.

Besides, Marathon And Real community They have met 10 times at Yankel Rosenthal. The Greens won seven duels and Real Sociedad won one and drew twice.

Plus: Ramiro Rocca overtakes Luciano Emilio as Real Espana’s top 15 all-time scorers.

Mostly Marathon Win the game based on these statistics.

If now Real community Saturday Monster Falls and The Honduras progress Get at least a draw and Honduras will have two extra games to determine their relegation to the second division.

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