The Ciudad de la Música new cultural space project is progressing in the former Palúdica

conservative Gustavo Sainz And the mayor of Salta Bettina Romero They tour the former Palúdica estate where the first phase of works is being carried out to assess the building and outdoor spaces, resulting in the creation of City of Music.

This project began when Gustavo Saenz was mayor of Salta and “today it was everyone’s dream come true,” the governor noted when referring to the enactment of the national law to transfer the building to the municipality of Salta.

He added in this regard: “This work for the City of Music also has a federal perspective because it will be open to all our talents, because Salta is the cradle of poets and singers. This is how we continue to work to promote the cultural and tourism growth of our province.”

For its part, Mayor Romero explained that the first intervention on the property includes the opening of the entire space, in the block that includes the former Palúdica, making the gardens available to the neighbors to achieve points of meeting and the possibility of enjoying cultural activities in a large natural setting.

“Work has already begun on this very symbolic block,” said the Mayor, highlighting actions expressed with the county that they have “the same perspective, investing in our architectural heritage.”

To create a new cultural space, the chief executives of the provinces and municipalities signed an agreement under which financial assistance is provided to the municipality to carry out the work, while there is also investment from the municipality.

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In place, works for perimeter fencing, inner fencing, and soil movements, among others, have already begun.
All tasks aim to restore the property and the building, bearing in mind that they have a history and characteristics that make them a heritage of the city of Salta.

The public space of the “City of Music” is located between the streets of General Güemes (North), Vicente López (West), Pje. Zorrilla (south) and Juramento (east) from the city of Salta.

The Ciudad de la Música new cultural space project is progressing in the former Palúdica

The Ciudad de la Música new cultural space project is progressing in the former Palúdica

The proposal includes open spaces, without physical barriers, openness and access for neighbors and the general public.
It has sought to enrich the function of green space through functions of a complementary nature. workplaces, department store sectors, gastronomic sectors, strengthening sectors of entrepreneurs in the field of music and dance; It is the result of highlighting the triple effect so that the enrichment of the sector benefits the community and the region.

Duties to be carried out are re-positioning of piers, maintenance of joinery, facades and interior walls; construction of internal roads and rehabilitation of existing ones; Rehabilitation of internal floors, conditioning of surfaces, implementation of electrical and sanitary installations. pruning trees, suggesting flower beds, and reconditioning the grounds; placement of light fixtures; removal of perimeter walls necessary; Adapting the interiors of buildings with appropriate furniture.

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