What happened to the wonderful novel villain Ana Patricia Rojo?

Suddenly, some figures appeared on the screen forever, Suddenly disappears from them, sometimes without explanation, Leaving a gap for the audience. The case of Ana Patricia Rojo is one of them.

She is attractive because she is smallIn the 80s and 90s, Ana Patricia began her career at the age of 5, was an iconic figure in television, practically grew up in front of cameras, and she belongs to an acting lineage: the daughter of a famous actor Gustavo Rojo And former Miss Peru Carmenstein, Super niece Ruben Red Y Pituka from Fornda, And granddaughter of the author Mercedes Pinto, His film debut ‘Kings of Balenk‘He never looked back after that.

His first soap opera appearance was in a teenage role ‘You value yours‘, Next Irma Lozano Then Ernesto Alonso called him ‘At the end of the rainbow‘(The only Delanovela who starred in the famous Wade Olga Preskin). From there she participated as a small flora in a tele theater.Another twist‘With Angelica Aragon, And in ‘Destiny games‘, With Rocio Pankells Then gained continental fame Liliana, ‘A ghost girl in some chaptersThe Hex‘, The famous horror soap opera that marked an era in Mexico, and as a young man, appeared next, after reaching a height of almost 1.80 Daniela Romo on ‘The secret way ‘ And ‘inSweet challenge ‘ With Adela Norica, In the controversial role of Mirta Miranda, a young boarding school student, who was a secret drinker.

Throughout his life, Rojo, now 46, has starred in 28 soap operas, including his role as the gruesome Imperia Cambusano de la Cruz.Maria Jose ‘ (Although only for me He was 21 years old when he played that role, Being very young, became his signature) and Penelope Linares inside ‘Maria la del Bario’ with Talia (With him he starred in some fantastic fight scenes in fiction). He too ‘Esmeralda ‘, ‘I live for Elena ‘, With Victoria Raffo, One of the villains’Filtering love ‘, Created the life of the squares Daniela Edo in ‘Angel Face’, And stood out in many TV productions.

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His only leading role It fell on him during the emergency at the soap opera ‘Wood woman‘, In which he entered the title role Edith Gonzalez She left overnight because she was pregnant and Emilio Larosa immediately called her. Although he did a great job, as usual, it did not make the impact he expected, Delanovela was cut, and he never acted again, This is a shame.

However, Ana Patricia has been away from soap operas and television sets since 2019 because she was vetoed by a television network she worked with for decades, and she also had an exclusive deal. Televisa decided not to renew its exclusive deal in 2017, and later, Expressed by various media in the country, Vetoed her for appearing on shows in February 2018 Evas Club Y Window, Both TV Azteca, Its main competition.

After losing her uniqueness, she moved away from the art environment and had two young daughters to raise, Decided to keep the profile low. His last television appearance was in BioseriesLa GuzmanIn ’99, in which she played the mother of the character Eric Elias (Again in a role he was very young). Since then he has not participated in another project for the small screen, So his followers are wondering what he is doing now.

During the interview for the show First hand, With Gustavo Adolfo Infonde Y Manica Nogura, The actress admitted that she is currently engaged to be engaged; As a result of these changes in your life, And fully Infection caused by cowpea, The actress decided to partner with a Brazilian company that specializes in selling personal care products Smoothies, slimming creams and Everything related to weight loss and control.

Ana Patricia declared that she is happy to be able to do something for herself that will help people improve their health and self-esteem, and that she is serious about this project. ‘No Tappujos’, It spreads Facebook Live This will appear in conversations with other people. However, once her daughters were somewhat older and in classes, Did not refuse to return to acting.

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