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TIJUANA, BC.- In recognition of the role that institutions and cultural venues play in the advancement of human rights in the world, and in the conviction that all people have the right to live in a world without discrimination and free from hate , the Tijuana Cultural Center, institution of the Secretary of Culture, joins the commemoration of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia this Monday, May 17, intervening with light one of the iconic spaces of the Center and the city.

Since the start of the current administration, Cecut has built an inclusive artistic and cultural agenda from all disciplines in a humanist perspective, addressing the need to provide recognition to all sectors that, due to their condition, have been socially violated and marginalized from opportunities for their full development. As of 2019, the Cecut has put a special interest in promoting, through its different management and dissemination programs and strategies, the inclusion of all social sectors in consideration of the importance that it means that public institutions endorse their respect for dignity human.

The date recalls the historic resolution of the World Health Organization to remove homosexuality from the catalog of mental illness.

In these considerations, the management team of Cecut has decided to participate in the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, and for the first time it will be illuminating the IMAX Dome with the flags of sexual diversity that make up the broad spectrum of the Lgbttti community. , with all its intersectionality, as a way of communicating to society the importance of living with respect for difference as the only possible way of concord, to move from all vulnerable and non-vulnerable sectors towards the construction of fair and respectful cities. universal human rights.

With this symbolic action, the Tijuana Cultural Center an inclusive, safe and hate-free space is declared, in which everyone can feel represented.

Cecut’s management team decided to join the commemoration of the date on Monday, May 17.

The lighting will begin at nightfall on Monday, May 17, so the community that wants to take a picture is invited, to observe with special care basic sanitary measures such as: use of face masks, healthy distance, as well as avoid staying for long periods in the esplanade of the institution to prevent crowds and possible contagion of Covid-19.

The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia was established on May 17 by the United Nations, commemorating the date homosexuality was removed from the international classification of mental illness by agreement of the General Assembly of the World Health Organization, in 1990.

The IMAX Dome, the city’s most recognized emblem, will be lighted.

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The IMAX Dome will be illuminated with all the colors of the LGBTTTI community. Photos: Courtesy

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