Giuliana Rengifo Arantxa Mori says she knew the singer wanted to be with her boyfriend since they knew they were friends VIDEO Magaly TV La Firme farandula | programs

She accused him of meddling in her six-year relationship with Eduardo Rimacci. The “Vanessa y las tremendouses de la cumbia” singer appeared on “Magaly TV: La Firme” and had sharp comments against her colleague.

More info Giuliana Rengifo shuts down comments on her Instagram after a new allegation that she’s having an affair

Arantxa said he only had one friendship with his then-partner Giuliana Rengifo, who he said only tried to support him in his political campaign.

‘We are legs, we have a beautiful and honest friendship,’ he always told me. He wants to support me in the campaign”, he promised at the beginning.

After that, he shared some betrayals related to the actions of the “El Gran Show” participant, assuring that he felt his interest in Rimachi from the beginning and tried to be involved in their relationship.

From the first day she knew she was his friend, she knew she wanted something with him (…) She started talking bad about me, she was interested in me, she was looking for proof that I was only with him for your money.“, he added.

Arantxa Mori was interviewed on the Magali Medina program to testify about her ex-partner Eduardo Rimachi’s infidelity with Giuliana Rengifo.

Giuliana Rengifo left her bra in the singer’s boyfriend’s room

It should be remembered that Arantza pointed out earlier Magali Medina Giuliana Rengifo left a bra in her then-partner’s room.

In the bedroom, she shows us a video taken by Kumbayambera in front of her boyfriend’s bed, and she finds a bra in her boyfriend’s room.”, Magali had said in the Tuesday edition.

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