Miss Dayana tearfully apologizes for misbehaving with boyfriend during Cubanazzo 2023: “There’s no justification”

Miss Diana She is one of the heroines of Cubanazo 2023, where he swept his show. But it’s not all smiles and applause for the Cuban reggaeton artist, who received criticism for a video. Recorded behind the scenes of the event in Miami.

Before she took the stage at Cubanaño 2023, the Cuban singer had an unfortunate encounter with her partner. A moment That didn’t stand her up well, to the one who came out to show her face in front of his followers.

In the controversial video, Senorita Dayana can be seen signing. Behind her is her partner with her daughter Victoria in her arms, who tells her that they called her from the stage. In Mario’s words, she told him: “Mario, stay away from me, don’t talk to me anymore, you’re making me so nervous.”

It was the way Miss Dayana spoke to her partner that unleashed criticism on her.

Faced with these negative comments, the Cuban singer came out to show her face. He posted a live on Instagram and appeared in it Publicly apologizes to his partner and followers.

With tears in her eyes, Miss Dayana began to explain: “This live This is for the one thing I don’t like, explaining. I think it’s worth doing as there was a video uploaded last night of me leaving the dressing room before getting off the stage. Those who know me know that I get very nervous before presentations. I have a lot of respect for this profession and always want everything to go well. “It’s unfortunate that the people closest to me bear the brunt of my stress.”

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“So my boy tells me to hurry up to get on stage, I tell him to shut up, and they recorded it and uploaded it, I’m crying so much, I’m so emotional, I’m so emotional. Try to be on the best vibe, but I’m not perfect,” she told her fans. said excitedly.

“I’m human, I’m not always soft and sweet and smiling. Unfortunately, my most nervous moments are when I have a presentation. The people closest to us are the ones who carry our shocks and madness. Last night it was my boyfriend’s turn to experience that bad reaction from me and it was really bad. “There is no justification.”

“I have to do it. Like I say, I’m not perfect. It doesn’t mean my little guy is dominant. I get really nervous when I’m doing a show and at the end of the day it’s his turn. It’s a bad moment and I wanted to do this. live In a certain way the apology I had already made was not only to him, but Apologize to everyone. “I am the last one.”

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