A woman asks to perform a potarcas for her dead niece, and the entertainers provide her with the service

A woman from Tampico, Tamaulipas, has been identified as Carla Jaramillo Facebook He shared the good deed done by some children’s entertainers to come to the cemetery to perform for his deceased niece.

“I want to make this act public, two months ago I heard about a service from Beli and Beato Show. What I mentioned I was working on was a simple service, just a photo, but in Pantheon, to take it to my beautiful girl,” the woman explained in her May 14 post.

Karla replied that they would send her the expenses, and then they told her: “They answered that they did not want to offend, but to serve me, and today they went to dance with all their hearts for my girl. “So I have attached some photos, where you can see Beli next to the Pantheon’s tomb and Beto’s Bottargas can be seen.

So Carla thanked them in her post: “Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. God is going to multiply their work, they made my lady in heaven very happy. Eventi Fuentes, I have no words to thank you for your time and effort”.

Image taken from Facebook

Image taken from Facebook

To this Eventi Fuentes responded: “For us it is a real pleasure, our motto is ‘creating smiles’ and today we are making even better smiles, and even the sky, today the star shines brighter than before, thanks to the faith .”

In addition, they thanked the good comments they received on their profile: “Thank you to everyone who told us good things, it’s always a pleasure for us to be part of your events, we work with our hearts.”

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Karla Jaramillo’s publication has generated many positive reactions and some comments: “Don’t stain my friend, tears came to my eyes”, “How beautiful, good people are”, “Nothing is in vain they will receive great blessings. Above”, “Many congratulations for your big heart. God Bless you”.

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