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It’s not a good time. new girlfriend Last Monday, January 30, in a hospital in Barcelona, ​​he urgently added to the alarm of all the media. Luckily for her, the former soccer player was by her side and accompanied her in her progress.

The Spaniard had to rush to the hospital, his family, friends and, clearly, Gerard Piguet, who is his main life partner today, as we have already mentioned.

Since it became known that Clara Xia has passed this difficult moment in her health, various information has come to light, so now we will tell you everything that is known about her current condition, which, apparently, is improving as it passes. bell

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What Happened to Clara Sa Marte?

in the middle reported that Clara Chia is going through one of the most difficult moments of her young life, as she had to be urgently admitted to the Cronzalud Hospital in Barcelona. Last Monday, January 30.

Likewise, it is also noteworthy that Admission to the health center is due to an anxiety crisis It happened from one moment to the next, though it’s also worth pointing out that his emotional stability had been gradually eroding in recent weeks. Because of the insults and criticism he received on social media.

Those attacks have not only happened through social platforms, but directly because it is now recognized by the streets and people tend to say some hurtful things to it. What’s more, there are also those who sing certain phrases .

That musical theme would be a cause of the promoter’s anxiety crisis because, since the song came to light, the attacks against her have been increasing and the point is something she can no longer handle, causing a nervous crisis. .

What is your current status?

After it was reported that Clara Chia Marti was admitted to a medical center, nothing was reported again regarding her condition. In other words, it is not known whether her condition has improved or worsened, thus piqued the interest of many in the world who know everything that is happening to her, PQ and Shakira.

however, On the morning of January 31, the young lady will receive good news.. And it was captured by the Europa press in a very funny way inside Gerard Pique’s car, so everything suggests that this emotional episode has been put to rest and he’s feeling a little better now.

A media reporter caught up with the couple in their car and encouraged them to forcefully ask some questions, but none of them responded as they did not want to comment further on the matter. In a way, this decision is understandable considering that this whole situation has caused a downfall for Clara Xia.

What is clear from the images in the video is that Gerard Pique behaved perfectly with his girlfriend at all times, especially in the most difficult moments, showing all his affection for her. Hand when you need it most.

Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique were captured on January 31 after the young woman suffered an anxiety attack the day before (Photo: Europa Press)

Watch the video for more information

Bigway posts a photo with Clara Xia and social networks explode
Bigway posts a photo with Clara Xia and social networks explode
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