Netflix is ​​talking about multi-family shared accounts

Netflix He started with the new detail Sizes Through it, it will seek to end the practice of sharing accounts among many families, a plan it has been preparing for months to increase the number of its subscribers.

The streaming platform has already tested some of these novelties in several Latin American countries, which it now plans to expand to the rest of the world, starting in March.

It’s in an update to its web page in those countries — Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru — that the US company reveals how it will ensure passwords aren’t shared between too many homes.

Netflix will force users to set a “primary location” and force any device that wants to use the account to connect to the same Wi-Fi network at least once every 31 days.

People who are not part of your household will need to use their own accounts to watch Netflix. It may not be possible to see it Netflix on devices that aren’t part of your primary site,” the company explains.

For those who want to share their account with someone who lives outside their home, in recent months Netflix has tested in these three countries the option to add additional members for an additional payment, an amount that, in any case, is less than that of its basic plan.

Netflix Warns that the device may be locked when someone logs in to it outside the primary site or if the account is frequently accessed from another location and offers the ability to request a temporary code to access the service for 7 days, for example if traveling

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“The widespread use of joint accounts (more than 100 million households) undermines our ability to invest in the long term and improve Netflix, as well as to build our business,” the company explained last month in a letter to its shareholders.

The terms of use of the platform already indicated earlier that accounts Netflix They’re meant for people who live in the same house, but for years, the company has been lax with the practice of sharing passwords.

To limit this, the company has also begun to force scans of devices on which you log in and use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to detect devices that are not part of the home.

Next to, Netflix Today, in a statement, it announced improvements to its Premium plan, which includes access to Spatial Audio to enjoy surround sound on all devices and without the need for special equipment.

In addition, it will allow content to be downloaded to be viewed offline on a greater number of devices, from four to a maximum of six for Premium subscribers.

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