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Brian TorresJefferson was a close friend of Farfan who spoke about his relationship with him Samahara Lobedan, he spent the night of July 13 at his house. The young man started himself as a salsa singer and, coincidentally, yesterday he attended the same circus he influenced with his daughter.

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Farban’s ‘Chuck’ doesn’t want to make Melissa Gluck’s daughter official and insists they’re just friends. “She’s my friend, we get to know each other, we’re all good, calm, we go out, nothing more (…) I’ve known her for a long time, I don’t know her now, you know things flow, that’s it.” told reporters.

‘El Brian’ Samahara also swears Lopadone’s approach was not a “strategy” to promote his salsa band, whose owner is a cousin of Jefferson Farban.

The young man was surprised when he was told that he would enter the media arena by becoming Melissa Gluck’s “son-in-law”.

“There is no strategy, we have been working for 3 months (…) [¿yerno de Melissa Klug?] I’ve been making music for years and I’m not new to it. They always tried to involve me through third parties, but I was always involved in the music environment and I always lived from this.

Brian Torres’ message to Yuna, Samahara’s former partner

Samahara began dating Lopatone days after Brian Torres ended her relationship with Jonathan Horna ‘Yuna’, the father of her only daughter.

Not considered as ‘separator’: “I’m not breaking anyone, yes of course, I’m not breaking anyone, she’s a beautiful girl, she seems like a great girl to me, a great mother, she’s alone, I’m alone.”

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