They ask for the return of Paola Rojas after the departure of Genaro Lozano from the newscast on Televisa

The Mexican public requested that Paula Rojas be the host of the media space left by Gennaro Lozano. (Ig; Paolarojas) (Ig: genarolozano)

The driver and the world of politics Gennaro Lozano He announced that this Friday, July 21, was his last day as presenter of the information space known as in the morningwhich was broadcast on network television N+belong to the telecom company Televisa. After it became known that he would not have a place in this newscast, users of social networks They asked to come back journalist Paula Rojas which they deemed “much better”.

The telecommunications company published a statement explaining that this event is due to the fact that it is preparing some modifications within its media programs, which will be ready next Monday, August 7. They did not, however, specify who will headline this news program or whether it will disappear from the TV channel’s programmes.

When in doubt as to whether someone is going to take ownership in the morning following Paula Rojas And from those informed by this popular entertainment series, they asked her to be the host of The Divine Network who will return and replace Gennaro Lozano What marks his return to the newscast they confirmed will be back evaluation From this production, an event that has been speculated as the cause of the expert’s departure also in political science.

Gennaro Lozano has announced his exit from In the Morning.

Lozano said goodbye as he delivered the following speech while moving his information space: “Today is my last program in front of me in the morningI want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, really, from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me and for keeping this news space as the most watched of the day in the country, in Mexico.”

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Many users of social networks wondered if it was really the newscast that had the most number of people viewers in Mexico Because if that was the case, they wouldn’t have “expelled” him. They suspected that the reason for his departure, in contrast to Driver’s, was the result of the drop in numbers the program began having after his departure. Paula Rojas who announced that she was leaving as a producer for other projects.

This is what netizens announced to demand the return of the host and journalist:

“Paola Rojas, I leave shoes too big like a clown’s shoes, but a real clown can’t fill them”, “It was clear from the start. It was a huge mistake to remove Paola Rojas and put Genaro Lozano in them”, “It was a big mistake to change Paola Rojas! Do you want someone to raise the rating?, to come back”, “It was Rowe, she was much better Paula Rojas“.

Users requested the return of Paula Rojas as a news anchor. Photo: Ig/@paolarojas

And that was at the time when the broadcaster announced her departure from the information space that she owned in the telecommunications company Televisa Blame it Gennaro Lozano For being the person allegedly responsible for leaving a place they considered “her own”.

At the moment a driver Divine Network She has not released a statement at the request of her followers and people who think she could do a “much better job” in front of the cameras to keep the people who follow her informed. TV network.

Other comments that flooded social networks were those in which they referred and accused the Mexican president Lopez Obrador and a fourth shift for being responsible for Televisa withdrawing the programme On Air with Paula Netizens claimed that he did not agree with the ideas of the ruling party.

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However, this was not confirmed, and the journalist did not issue any statement regarding the accusations against the head of the executive branch.

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