What does Halley’s Comet look like and how often does it approach Earth?

Before the Christian era, Halley’s Comet approached the Earth and alerted mankind to the secrets of the cosmos.

He Halley’s cometAlways know 1P/HollyIt gets its name in memory Edmund Halley, an English astronomer and mathematician, earned a place in scientific history for calculating the orbit of that celestial body. First, the scientist analyzed the reports of a star approaching Earth 1531, 1607 and 1682. After studying the case, the astronomer decided Kite It was the same as seen in certain years.

creations Edmund Halley It helped to know that some comets are moving around the sun. In addition, it was possible to identify the periodicity of this physical approach Earth. Today, scientists know, thanks to this background, that Halley’s Comet Appreciated by everyone 75 years. In this way, the star was last seen from Earth’s surface 1986So predictions suggest it will come back 2061.

Halley’s Comet, Humanity’s Witness

It is calculated based on seniority and time span Halley’s Comet This has been created A witness to different moments of humanity. For example, in the 1980s it was speculated that a body with the same characteristics was found in Greece. 467 and 466 BC, be the star in question. However, the date agreed upon by the scientific community is 240 BC, and this corresponds to a record made by Chinese astronomers.

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Accordingly Britannicathat time Halley’s Comet came close to Earth was April 10, 837Just taking the distance 0.04 astronomical units. Beyond these testimonies, there are artistic expressions that have given an account.

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The encyclopedia cited indicates this Kite Observed six months before the Norman Conquest of England 1066 and mentioned in The Bayeux Tapestry At the time. Another example comes from his time 1301It is thought that the Italian painter Giotto created his Star of Bethlehem form. Worship of the formerA work of 1305.

Detail detail

last seen Halley’s cometBy 1986, scientists were more than ready to better understand the nature of what was supposed to be. The most popular star of this type. During that time, several interplanetary spacecraft passed through this astronomical phenomenon and managed to capture some images that are very useful for current and subsequent studies.

These first sightings pointed to a dark object with a “potato”-like shape and dimensions 15 × 8 km. As expected, fetus It turned out to be a mixture of water and other volatile ice and rock dust.

Halley's CometScientists from European, Japanese and Soviet space agencies later reached other common ground Analyze the catches. According to his studiesRoughly 70% The surface of the core is covered with a dark ‘crust’ which prevents sublimation of the ice below. 30% The rest are active and produce large amounts of gas and dust.

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he barked attracted the attention of astronomers, who were surprised by the dark black covering the cape. As a result, she It reflects only 4% of the sunlight it receivesIt appears to be composed of volatile compounds and silicates.

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What is a comet?

Comets are objects formed from ice and dust.. Thanks to that constitution, when these bodies approach the sunDue to the path of its orbit, its elements evaporate, thus creating its characteristic surge or the tail.

considered What can be Billions of comets in the solar systemHowever, the bright ones are only appreciated from the night sky Earth Once a decade. Generally, these objects have a classification that groups them Short period comets and long period comets.

Recent: Short-term ones Less than 200 years In orbit around the Sun, there are many of them The Kuiper Belt, a ring of icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune. Among these, the most popular Halley’s CometIt appears once in 75 or 76 years.

Finally, step PotThose who have been around for a long time will come to pick up Thousands to millions of years Most of these revolve around the Sun Cloud of Oort, a theoretical collection of objects surrounding the outer regions of the Solar System. Contrary to the above, Long-period comets are difficult to predictRegarding their appearance in the night sky, some impressions have been taken of them.

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