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Although it may sound like science fiction, artificial intelligence is within reach share, Thus mentioned Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO said a few months ago that he was designing his own artificial intelligence Meta AI And in use as a form of conversational assistant.

What will Meta AI be?

Meta AI will be an independent application, although its main purpose is to integrate with social networks belonging to Meta, in which they are found, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Its functionality remains the same GPT Chat, to become its direct competitor. Apart from this, it allows users to create stickers, images, search for information, ask questions, etc.

Meta’s new artificial intelligence will be located in WhatsApp with a shortcut, and here we will show you how to enable it on your device, but it should be noted that it is currently only available in beta versions.

How to Enable Meta AI on WhatsApp

  1. First, Download WhatsApp Version Beta For Android users.
  2. If you want to get the trial program, go to Play Store and search for WhatsApp Beta and then click on the button “Become a beta tester.”
  3. Accept the conditions and you will have to wait for a while to start downloading the WhatsApp beta.
  4. Open the app.
  5. Access is above the floating action button Target AI.
  6. Press it and wait for it to work

  7. Don’t worry if it doesn’t appear, it’s rolling out to a limited group of beta testers.

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