Is a new low pressure system born in the Caribbean Sea and its path towards Mexico? – Fox Sports

Although we reach the stated conclusion Hurricane season in MexicoHe National Weather Service A formation was reported this Sunday A new low pressure zoneThey will conduct surveillance as the days go by to keep citizens of the southeastern Mexican region on alert.

In its official X account, it disclosed that it is a subsidiary of the National Water Authority (CONAGUA). A new phenomenon affecting MexicoDepending on the path it follows and its strength in the coming days.

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New low pressure zone in Mexico: Path

According to meteorological information, the A new low pressure zone is over 1,600 kilometers Southeast Sethumal, Quintana Rs.

Although his The path is towards the westthat is, Mexico approaches the mainland in the southeastCurrently it is the only one 10% chance of tornado developmentGiven how unpredictable these meteors are, it is always recommended to be careful with information through official channels.

When will hurricanes end in Mexico in 2023?

Experts say Hurricane season in Mexico It began on May 15 in the Pacific Ocean and on June 1 in the Atlantic Ocean. In both cases, it is expected Expires on November 30, 2023.

Being significant “El Nino” phenomenon can cause The rains last till Decemberresulting in a wetter and colder winter than previous years.

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