Health hopes they will get “vaccines” soon, but they did not specify a date of arrival

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Evilis Acosta, deputy minister of health at the Dominican Republic, said there would be vaccinations soon, but no date was specified because he said he wanted to be conservative on the issue.

“You run the risk when delivering dates, so it’s good to say the third or fourth week. It’s been a matter for the manufacturers. It’s not just here. It’s a continuous situation. There are countries that have stopped vaccinating because they don’t exist,” Acosta said this morning.

The Deputy Minister stressed that there will be vaccinations in the country very soon. “We will have the vaccines and we will get it soon. I dare not tell you the date,” he said.

Evelys Acosta pointed out that there are supplies for the vaccine, and they are there. “There are freezers,” he added, adding that 3 more logistics have been purchased to ensure security logistics.

“Logistics with Pfizer, it’s special. Training is the same. It’s a vaccine, new in an infection, but it’s always the same vaccine. It’s still a vaccine,” Agosta said.

Eddie Perez, Special Adviser to Govt. “It is planned to put (vaccines) soon. It is very dangerous to say a specific date. The whole world is waiting for the vaccines to come. The important thing is that all vaccines have proven safety and effectiveness,” he said.

The health minister admitted that they had trouble delivering the contracted vaccines. The country of Plutarch Arias did not specify a date on which it would receive its first measurements.

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