Snapchat now has the ability to create selfies with AI

You can literally create dream selfies!

“Dreams” is available in the latest version of Snapchat

Snapchat doesn’t stop at innovation. The social networking site announced Launch of the DREAMS feature using its integration with artificial intelligence tools. Thanks for this innovation, Users can create images from real selfies, It will change according to the theme packs provided by the app.

According to a blog post on this social network, dreams This is the next big Snapchat revolutionAfter the introduction of lenses in 2015, it brought augmented reality effects to selfies.

How does Snapchat Dreams work?

As with other AI-based image generators, Dreams uses artificial intelligence to create unique selfies. Thanks to these possibilities, users are believed to be able to “create stunning images that transform their personality into new identities, whether it’s a mermaid in the deep sea or Renaissance royalty.”

A video shared by Snapchat Displays the Dreams feature as a tab in the app. Themes or “filters” are located in a section of the camera roll called memories.

function Creates eight free selfies, but additional creations can be obtained through in-app purchases. At the moment, Snapchat only allows one person to appear, although it has announced that this number may be expanded in the future. It doesn’t let you create images with custom triggers, but it’s the way to the future of the tool.

about, Snap’s vice president of product is Jack BradyHe said in one Interview Recently:

We always approach creating value for the Snapchat community by doing fun things, [y] Sometimes they’re a little goofy and a little weird…and I think dreams fit that.

Dreams is rolling out to Snapchat users in Australia and New Zealand. It will be available globally in the next few weeks.. to get, Latest version required Snapchat app on your device.

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Snapchat has shown its interest in capitalizing on the disruption of artificial intelligence-based tools for months. In February, the social network presented “My AI”, an integration with ChatGPT, by offering users a function similar to what we have seen on other platforms, the paid version, by providing recommendations, ideas and information on various topics, but not leaving. platform.

The arrival of Dreams proves that despite weird and scary things, Snapchat can stick with it.

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