What did Raquel Lares say about Gilberto Korea’s health?

Rachel Lawrence

Former wife of Rahul Lawrence Animator Gilberto Correa of ​​Television spoke about the artist’s health. This is after rumors of poisoning.

The announcer shared some screen shots on his Instagram account. The pictures of the video call he made with the reminded host of the Super Saturday Sensational show are similar.

Talking to him, he is fine, thank God. Loved. Health, good health, Gilberto Correa, father of my boy.

He added that Julian hopes to see his son Enrique Korea soon.

Gilberto Korea’s lawyers are talking about what is said to be poison

Rhonda magazine contacted the artist’s legal team to find out the details of the information that was circulated this week.

“I am Gilberto Korea’s lawyer. We are not going to make any statement on a tabloid topic like they found out, that is, he has no authority to do that to us, ”he said.

And he added: “Rumors, opinions and stories that do not come from Gilberto or any of us are all speculations and discoveries.”

This week, journalists promised that the artist would visit the headquarters of the National Medical and Forensic Science Service in Bello Monte to perform some experiments and rule out possible poisoning.

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