Liz Questa makes her debut on Twitter to campaign and campaign for San Remo Cuba

“Cuban, Grandmother, RevolutionaryAuthor, Event Coordinator “, this is how Cuba’s first lady introduced herself, Liz Gusta FerozaIn his brand new profile TwitterThere he added that he was “unconditionally in the service of Cuba, with Theas-Kennel.”

The island’s ruler’s wife decided to make her debut on social media on Thursday under the hashtag #VamosConTodo, which began to position the ruling party in response to calls from civil society and sections of the deported community. Make #SOSCuba a trendVery afraid of the regime.

“Hello, everyone from here on out and for Cuba! #VamosConTodo,” Cuesta Peraza’s first tweet, followed by Cuba Book Day greetings.

Friday started with the message: “Good morning, dear! Beautiful April begins, many important dates! I wish we could happily cross the barriers!”

Later, he produced another publication dedicated to the trial meeting in Havana until Thursday and shared an ad from the state-owned Recording and Musical Editions Company (EGREM) about the Instant San Remo Music Awards.

“Do you know what the selling points are for tickets to the San Remo Music Awards Cuba event that starts on April 5th? Find out and write about the concerts that will take place at different locations of the festival here. Book your ticket now!” Says the call.

This is the first relationship since Quista was the main promoter for Feroza and the festival And, as a result of international boycott it suffered, Decided to leave the film And avoid appearing to be part of its organizing committee.

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In 48 hours on Twitter, the first lady has 58 profiles (most officials, official agencies and government spokespersons), and they have more than 2,000 followers.

It seems that Kusta Beraza wants to take on more and more official role, Perhaps with the intention of deviating from the function of working with the ruler. However, she was out of luck. Many Cubans tend to ridicule and criticize her, among others, for reminding her of her character. Cooking show organizer In luxury hotels, what to eat is the biggest problem in the country.

“” Madam, you have children. Aren’t you ashamed to talk about the joys and obstacles of how many mothers in Cuba today are imprisoning and torturing their children and some minors? It was her husband who imprisoned them“, The Cuban writer replied Joe Waltz For the morning greetings of the introductory Twitter.

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