Dolphin predicts who will win the World Cup final between Argentina and France

A dolphin from America predicts who will be the world champion – thanks: @shutterstock

Hours before this Sunday’s final between Argentina and FranceBetting sites begin to install A leading candidate to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. With different playing styles, the two chosen will compete with their weapons in the final point of the quadrennial tournament, in this case, the host country is located in the Middle East.

As to who could be the potential winner, a Dolphins at the Clearwater Florida Marine Aquarium In America, He delivered his verdict and established that the European team will lift the long-awaited trophy in 2018.

This animal is recognized for its predictions and the closeness in its diagnosis. Since 2017, he has been selected for these duties His statistics show that he got his predictions right in 16 out of 26 matches.

When the video went viral, Dolphin called NicholasIt is submerged in a pond with two vines France Y Argentina. Without hesitation, the aquatic animal is starting to circle the flag of goals as the cause of selection for this Sunday’s grand final.

After choosing his candidate, the aquarium owner mentioned in his positive experiences that France defeated Croatia in the final of the dolphin race, in the previous World Cup tournament and in this year’s baseball World Series. He correctly predicted that the Houston Astros would win.

Nicholas’ story at the Clearwater Aquarium began in 2002 Suffering from lung disease, he died shortly after, when he arrived with his mother. This bottlenose, or bottlenose dolphin, was treated differently than it received Gulf of MexicoThere they were rescued from severe heat and ill health.

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“Nicholas is not fit for release because he lacks the survival skills he learned from his mother. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium became his permanent home”, they clearly showed affection for this model and slipped away from the company.

Lionel Scaloni held a press conference ahead of the final

Argentina’s technical director spoke to reporters in Qatar, hours from a limited match against the French team. “I live these hours in silence. We were talking to them and there is nothing else to thank them for. Because they have given everything…”, slips Santa Fe from Bujato.

Argentina national team press conference ahead of tomorrow's final against France.  Lionel Scaloni.  12/17/22

Argentina national team press conference ahead of tomorrow’s final against France. Lionel Scaloni. 12/17/22 – Credits: @Aníbal Greco / Special Envoy

Scolani, who is waiting to see what the starting line-up for the last game of the tournament will look like, gave no clues as to whether he would change names or plans: “We don’t play any game the same, and this one is the same He agreed. We will play the game we think is best for this final. France also plays differently. And that’s a good sign.”

Finally, he didn’t dodge the question Kylian Mbappe, the star player of the European team: “He is a big, young player who will undoubtedly continue to develop. Preventing it is a team effort rather than being tackled individually. Additionally, there are other footballers who supply him and make him a better player.

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