We will hold important elections.

The president of the legislature met with the leaders and officials of that provincial city.

Space act conducted by Sergio Mancilla.

In Monte Bello, Aguilares, the place presided over by the Vice-President of the Legislature, Sergio MancillaA caucus meeting was held, with the aim of holding elections on May 14.

According to a press release, more than 500 leaders and Jimena Mancilladaughter of the chief and candidate for mayor of that city.

The current mayor of Aguilares, Elia Fernandez, the candidates of that sector and municipal officials were also present.

Roberto Sanchez: “We will defeat the government of inflation and insecurity”

“We have been working for a while and since last Tuesday with the official candidates we have 25 lists supporting Jimena Mancilla, Osvaldo Galdo And Juan perspective for the May 14 elections. We have 28 days to double down on everything we do and build politically from what has been achieved. We believe that we will have important elections in our city. In any case, we always have the premise of securing votes for our candidates for governor and representative. “It was very important to gather the 25 candidates today, in addition to the 14 who accompany him on each list, and today we are ready for them,” said Sergio Mancilla.

Sanchez: “Galdo and Mansour cannot show any positive sign”

“It is very exciting to see more than 500 leaders belonging to the Sergio Mancilla space. Today we were called here to be able to support Sergio, Jimena, Osvaldo Galdo and Juan Manzur in the face of the elections. We have been working for a long time in the Rio Chico yblo section, we will continue to do so Today we have 25 out of 29 deliveries that will accompany our candidate and without a doubt we feel the support and gratitude of our administration, which gives us the strength to continue working until the last day in front of the municipality,” said the mayor and a member of the Mansilla family.

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For her part, Jimena Mancilla expressed: “It is a very beautiful and emotional meeting. I am very happy and excited especially because young people accompany me on this project. I am grateful to the mayor who has put my campaign on her shoulder and that is important to me that she already has a tireless work rhythm. We hope Give us your support so that we can continue this project.”

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