Rafi Pina posted an intriguing message after nutty Natasha kissed Becky G on the mouth

Producer Robbie Bina has been in jail since last May after it was announced Three years and five months in jail For illegal possession of arms and without the right to appear on bail.

In turn, this weekend he uploaded a picture that caught the attention of his millions of followers on both profiles of Camera’s social networks. The news was released by his partner Nutty Natasha kisses Peggy G on the mouth in public.

“You know what?”Words shared on @pinarecords1 and @raphypina accounts.

With social networks, Internet users took a few seconds to comment This announcement will officially end this coming Monday, April 17th And many of them believe it may be about their freedom.

In turn, users of the application said they would not stop by for the next few days due to “anxiety” about what the soon-to-be-released message was actually about.

“I hope you’ll be free, that’s all,”Until Monday with anxiety”, “Oh and what about people with anxiety? You have no worries”, “Pina how you want to make us suffer”, “Release Pina”, “That day and time you’ll be free”, “Can’t be before?”, “A life missing Monday, better Sunday” , “Not now. Now get ready for Coachella.“Damn, that’s not possible”, “You’ll be there for princess #2 birthday”, “Natty will finally release her third album”, “You’ll be free”, “Leaving in doubt isn’t cute” , “Woah what good news”, “Freedom for innocents like you “, “It must be before”, “You will go free, God willing, this is the truth”, “With God, it will come out. Soon”, are some of the reactions recorded in the link in the bio.

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