Lot 23 reveals the future of its park

Many of the kiosks currently operating at the popular food park Lote 23, located in Santurce, will leave the venue on April 30, after completing the incubator concept cycle.

The stalls that will not be located in District 23 from May are: HenHouse, El Jangiri, El Cuchifrito, La Neta, Berger, Malanga and Budare.

“While we understand it may be confusing for some to see some of your favorite booths move from our space, every change has a reason, and in this case our park became, for over a year, the incubator for culinary companies Jump All In!” Read the message that Lote 23 management posted on their Instagram account.

Management made it clearJump all in! Its purpose is to offer a collaborative and educational community for culinary entrepreneurs who want to push themselves to maximize their potential. Like many similar programmes, ours also works through generations that rotate annually.”

It was announced that the next cycle, with the arrival of new booths, will begin in June.

Lote 23, which opened its doors in 2016, became a nonprofit last year and received more than $2.3 million in federal funding to kick off its small food business incubator concept.

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