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“We and our bodies.” Under this title, the crew of publishers who this year created the show “Those Who Say Science”, produced by the University of Córdoba (UCO) in 2018, performed yesterday through the Gongora Theater in Córdoba to make their work visible. Women's researcher and publisher.

Actress and celebrity Natalia Ruiz Zalmanovich presented the program “Those Who Tell Science,” which presented twenty talks on different aspects related to research, feminism and the reality of bodies, woven throughout the day with the narration of the story written by comedian Raquel Sastre about the life of Henrietta Lacks, the woman whose body contributed to the development of… One of the cell lines that defined the progress of biomedicine.

The morning session began with all the stallions exercising their feet and dancing with the intervention of the famous María García “Boticaria García” and ended around eight o’clock in the evening with applause from the audience and the Seville mathematician Clara Grima speaking about numbers and algebraic forms. And sevillana singing dressed in flamenco costume.

As Seville prepared for the start of the April Expo, Cordoba packed the Gongura Theater to hear stories about issues as diverse as sexism and the exclusion of female talent in artificial intelligence development; Fallacies and hoaxes about the alleged beauty and health benefits of charcoal or natural remedies; To develop forensic techniques and defense technology to prevent sexual assaults.

They talked about sexuality, the immune system, eggs and sperm, and mummy sounds. Social discourses around beauty and pregnancy stories were questioned. And above all, the emotions: laughter, tears and surprise in a show integrated into the cultural agenda of Cordoba.

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Some of the event's regulars passed on stage: Conchi Lillo, Rocío Benavente, Elena Sanz, Susana Escudero, Gaby Jurquera, Raquel Sastre, Laura Moran, Clara Grima, Gemma del Caño, and Boticaria García. The voices of chemical engineer Teresa Valdés, mathematicians Raquel Villacampa and Annabelle Forte, computer scientist Lorena Fernández, physicist and digital designer Almudena Martin and Sassy Science and Clouds joined forces to double the number of entries from the previous edition.

The “Córdoban Quota” was determined by researchers from the University of Córdoba Carmen González, Alejandra Pera and Naima Farhan, who prepared their entries on the advice of actress and theater director Irene Lázaro, the three Córdoba students who won “Las que”. Kontara “Alam”, Carla Ruiz, Yaiza Fernandez and Yolanda Juarez who received a loud applause on the day.

The exhibition, organized by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Córdoba, in cooperation with the Equality Unit and Inclusion Area of ​​the institution, as well as the and The CONversation platforms, is held under the auspices of the umbrella of the Vice-Rectors for Science Policy and the Vice-Rectors for Equality, Inclusion and Social Commitment, attended by its bearers, María José Polo and Sarah Benzi, all talking from the front row.

“Those Who Say Science” is included in the 10th annual scientific publishing plan of the University of Cordoba, co-financed by the Spanish Science and Technology Foundation of the Ministry of Science.

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