Wanda Nara broke the silence with a shocking story about her fragile health

The race of No nara He was always characterized by a high level of expression, which is why he was surprised by the calmness with which he clung when rumors of a serious illness settled in the environment. Now, unsettled by medical studies but determined to fight, he appeared on the scene to state his health ground, which kept the atmosphere of the show in suspense.

The conductor of the present edition is a businessman Master Chef, a popular Argentine TV show linked to gastronomy. In this case, he spoke to the media Telif News (broadcast on the same signal) and shown by his experience as a communicator, he also mentioned his personal life.

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The blonde settled in with her family Turkey itself Due to work commitments, her husband, Mauro Icardi, is currently a member Galatasaray. Despite the time difference, he tried to connect to the European dawn and tell his native country how the days were going.

“Learning the results of the analysis was a shock. The first thing they told me was: ‘You can’t get on the plane.’ And it was a shock to the whole family. It was so sudden. I hesitate to talk about it and not talk about it. There are times when people judge you that if you talk about it, it’s not true or not that serious. When I’m strong or feel like I can say it, I’m going to do it. . I would have liked it to be different. Those are the rules of the game and I accept them,” he began his story.

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Without mentioning it, he dedicated a space George LanadaJournalist Who-In Radio meter– gave the scoop on the health of the striker’s wife. “When they asked me if I was going to sue whoever leaked it, I said no. I’m not going to judge anyone because I’ve worked in this environment since I was very young and that’s the fine print we don’t like,” he added.

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, with family.


And he added: “There are things that you don’t want to come out, and sometimes celebrities release things to promote us. A lot of journalists come out with me personally, as in good times. And no, I don’t have anything to say. There’s a moment of limits and health. ”.

Your children’s reaction

The doctors said that his condition was very bad. No nara She was stunned. Not only because she knows that from now on she will have to struggle to find a certain emotional stability that will allow her to face the problem, but also because of the complexity of having minor children who are not yet strong. To live with this kind of situation.

For this reason, upon reflection Cristina Perez (The host) Regarding the decision to keep the diagnosis to herself, Wanda responded with a broken voice: “I feel that I am the strongest in the family. I always include Zaira, with my mother, with my five children, with Mauro (Icardi). If I fall, they fall with me.” Realised. They were all very shocked. So I said: ‘Either I have to do my thing or I’m going to pull them all down’.

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About how the message affected Francesca And Isabella Icardi – Fruit of love with Mauro– Already Lover, Constantine And Benedict – Product of relationship with him Maximilian Lopez– revealed: “My children were going to school in Argentina and they were asked questions. So I had to sit and talk with them while I waited a little longer. I have had to do that before, but those are the rules of the game and every journalist deals with it as best he can or as he sees fit.

And he closed: “I have nothing to blame anyone. I am always the one to talk to my kids and tell them everything. It was difficult because they asked me questions and I didn’t have answers. But at the same time. I have to tell them why they talk everywhere.

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