The American removes even champagne from the business class

as a new corporate strategy

RR | Miami | August 8, 2023
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American decided to cut costs during her travels, so she swapped the champagne list on long-haul flights for Italian sparkling wine. This measure appears to be part of the company’s new strategy.

Although the cost-cutting in the economy cabin is not as obvious as in first class where the change in service is more visible, these changes were promoted by the American’s manager, Robert Isom, who spoke about the matter as soon as he took office. .

Isom said at the time that they couldn’t afford to spend a dollar more than necessary. Nor should they. He noted that they had to be very attentive to opportunities presented themselves for savings, while still offering a good product.

American Airlines has suffered overspending and losses as a result in the past. However, the airline is back on track and far from losing money, as the CEO said of the company’s previous earnings:

As mentioned REPORTUR.usAccording to the Organization for Consumers and Users (OCU), there are 16 airlines that do not charge extra fees for hand baggage. These include Iberia, Air Europa and American. (Iberia, Air Europe and American are among the airlines that do not carry hand baggage).

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