Volaris poses for workers with an absent union

Despite the good results of the company

RR | Mexico City | May 23, 2023

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Despite the good results achieved by Volaris this year, the company is laying off workers, apparently making them sign voluntary resignations due to the restructuring of the company and the absence of a union that has not shown itself, but is supposed to legitimize the collective bargaining agreement.

It’s a contract workers don’t have access to, says Ximena Garmendia in her CdpNoticias column, and if they ask for it, they “send to the HR area and make them sign their voluntary resignation.”

In addition, Garmendia asserts that by law, when there is a corporate restructuring, dismissals take place by rank,” and in all of this, the big absentee was the National Aeronautics and Similar and Related Telecommunications Workers Union (STIA), who did not bother to bother to go see what’s going on with their members, no matter how committed they are to “defend” them, but it’s well known that the Romo family runs the Sharo Confederation,” he notes in his column.

Likewise, he points out that despite the fact that the Viva Aerobus workers are in the same union, the situation of the workers is very different because Carlos Zuazo there “understood that a happy worker performs better than a frustrated one,” he comments.

Hell is what Volaris workers are suffering, Garmendia says, because they also have to sell other products during flights. One worker told him, “I work for Invex (Banco Invex SA Institucion De Banca Multiple-Invex Grupo Financiero) to place over 12 credit cards a month.”

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As reported by REPORTUR.mx, the labor conflict in Volaris is apparently escalating due to the poor conditions in which its workers live, for which a group of pilots and flight attendants called a strike for June 2 even if they did not count on STIA support. (Volaris: Labor dispute worsens with the June 2 strike).

The low-cost company has been promoting voluntary retirement, but has already fired 140 workers under the pretext of restructuring with liquidation under the pretext of mutual agreement, although this is not the case according to some of the fired employees.

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